Tournament 2015 - Khorne Daemonkin (1998pts)

Codex: Khorne Daemonkin (Blood Host Detachment) (1998pts)

Selection Rules

Access Points: Rhino:
2 Side access points, 1 Rear access point.

Blood for the Blood God!: A Khorne Daemonkin army generates Blood Tithe points that the player keeps track of (up to a max of 8 Tithes). These Blood Tithes are earned by:

1. A unit containing this rule either being completely destroyed, or completely destroying an enemy unit.
2. A Character with this rule is either slain, or slays an enemy character in a challenge.

At the start of the player turn, the player may choose to spend the Blood Tithes (Blood Tithe chart is found in Codex: Khorne Daemonkin). The remaining Blood Tithes are then lost as part of the purchase. The player may still continue to harvest Tithe after all purchases.

Blood Sacrifice: If a cultist unit fails a morale check, you can choose to remove the remaining models as casualties.

Boon of Khorne: When you choose a Blood Tithe result on the table, select a second Tithe (that is both under 4 Tithe's and under the original Tithe reward) and that Tithe is applied as well. The second Tithe affects all units in the formation and lasts until end of turn.

Chosen of Khorne: If this formation is the Primary detachment, you may re-roll the result of the Warlord Traits table.

Daemon of Khorne: Confers Furious charge, Daemon and Hatred (Slaanesh) to its models. Hammer of Wrath from chariots are resolved at Strength 7.

Daemonic Resiliance: The unit ignores Crew shaken can Crew stunned results on a 2+.
Hull Point is still lost.

Decapitating Blow: Any roll of a 6 on the to-wound chart confers Instant Death

Deep Strike


Fire points: Rhino: Two models can fire from the top hatch.


Independent Character

Mark of Khorne: Confers Rage and Counter-attack to the model.

Move through Cover

Preferred Enemy (Psykers)


Run them to Ground!: Flesh hounds in this formation have Hammer of Wrath. Chaos bikers have shred on their Hammer of Wrath attacks.


Skulls for the Skull Throne!: Model must issue and accept challenges. If multiple models have this rule then the controlling player chooses.

Transport Capacity: Rhino: Can carry 10 models. Cannot carry Bulky, Very Bulky or Extremely Bulky models.

Vessels of Chaos: At the start of each fight sub-phase, roll a D3 on the mutation table provided in Codex: Khorne Daemonkin for each friendly Possessed unit locked in combat. The unit (and all models in it,) recieves the corresponding result until the end of the Game Turn.

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